Stake with us

Delegate your stake to our pool, and we reward you and support the community

Stake with Daedalus

The Daedalus wallet is developed by IOHK, the company building the Cardano protocol.

Stake with Yoroi

The Yoroi wallet is developed by Emurgo, and works on mobile phone and as a plugin to Chrome and Firefox.

Alternative wallet

Other wallets might support staking in the future. We recommend the two officials ones, Daedalus and Yoroi.

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Fully decentralized!

The decentralized future of Cardano is called Shelley. Since August 2020, you have been able to delegate/stake your ADA to stake pools, and earn rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Delegation Center in Daedalus or Yoroi, and then find Epic Stake Pool.

We’re registered under the ticker EPIC .

The decentralized future of Cardano is called Shelley. This is the transition phase between IOHK running the Cardano network alone, to allowing the public to run stake pool and secure the network.

No. Your funds will stay safe in your wallet, and we will never be able to access them.

You should NEVER send your ADA to anyone when staking – the funds should always stay in your wallet.

Your staking rewards will be paid to your wallet at the end of every epoch (5 days). The system will give you a reward wallet where you can access them. This is part of the Cardano protocol, and not something we have any influence over.

Yes! If you have the interest and skills to run your own pool, you should do so. This helps the Cardano protocol decentralize even further. If you just want to get your staking rewards and help the community and future of Cardano, you should delegate your stake to our pool.