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Cardano Pioneers

We are more than just a Stake Pool

There are many stake pools out there to choose between, and they differ in a few important ways: Uptime, Rewards and Community Giveback. The first two are simple, and the third is optional. Here at Epic Stake Pool, we are strong believers in nurturing the community, and hence we do an effort in educating the users of Cardano in how to run their own stake pool, how they can delegate their stake and how they can participate in the governance of Cardano.

When Cardano is fully delivered, the protocol will not be done. It will just have the fundamental structure to be self-sustaining, run smart contracts and transfer funds. But this is where the real work starts! All the holders of ADA will be able to participate in the future development of the protocol, and be able to vote for the next initiatives to be developed, and who that should carry out the task of doing it.

For this reason, educating the community is vital to ensuring that Cardano has a strong future.

Cardano Pioneers

We have followed Cardano on the sidelines since the ICO and the mainnet launch back in September 2017. We are strongly committed to the future of this protocol, and have a deep knowledge about which community efforts that lies ahead.

The pool is run in an anonymous fashion, in order make it impossible to influence the team running it. This is part of the security, to make it much harder to attack the pool.

Please reach out on email though, if you have any questions!

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Team of top-level IT people running Epic Stake Pool


Strong focus on giving back to the community